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Guest Reviews for Leokwe Restcamp

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

It was wonderful.

Gabriella Meszaros

Stunning land and animals. Cottages fantastic. The best time of our lives.


Nice lodges, very picturesque.

Herman Van Hoeve

Have enjoyed my stay, will do so again.


The Reception staff was very friendly and helpful. The campsite was great. We drove around in the park. Cellphone reception very poor. Would have expected the park to have access to things that would assist visitors when help is needed. A two way radio is advisable.

Lucas Sikundla

Congrats to all staff at Mapungubwe for the friendly service. Food was excellent. A must visit for all nature lovers.

Frederik Pelser

The scenery at Mapungubwe is absolutely out of this world. The magnificent Baobabs are completely dwarfed by the massive Sandstone mountains and valleys. We saw an amazing leopard in a tree in the western Region of the park which was otherwise quite disappointing. Although we saw a fair amount of animals, there is not an abundance of wildlife. We were especially disappointed with the lack of birds. The reserve itself is beautiful, with the area at the confluence well designed, and well maintained. Although there were bins everywhere, we were disturbed by the amount of litter seen in odd places. We felt there should be more viewing points along the river. The accommodation is well designed, maintained and serviced. The kitchen was well appointed, a relief after travelling to Skukuza earlier this year!! The Heritage Tour is highly recommended, and a visit to the museum is a must!! Give yourself at least 4 days to get the maximum experience of the area.


Superb accommodation. The confluence is magnificent and the benches etc provided add to the wonderful ambiance. Staff are kind, friendly and very helpful.Arrived a little later than expected so need to visit you again, and will do so. Loved the museum and could have spent longer.

D Kirk

This is a great area but unit 10 had electrical problems leaving us with no lights and the sewerage system needs cleaning.Couch needs repair.

pieter le roux

We took 8 foreigners to the camp for a night, we also did the heritage tour. The rooms, facilities and service from Mpungubwe gate to the service at the camp was outstanding. It was such a pleasure taking guests there. I highly recommend it!!!

Gina Dombrock

San Parks best kept secret!!!!! The park is small without the bling of Kruger but oh so beautiful! Our Creator smiled when He made this place so please treat it gently


Good Hospitality

Simon Mailula

It was certainly an experience worth remembering. One night was obviously too short as our initial plan was to sleep over on our way to Zim. But we stopped short of cancelling our Zim trip. We now intend visiting again so that we can spend more time in this wonderful place, explore all the historical sites and mingle with nature at its best.

Malesela F Mokhondo

We saw plenty animals. Will definitely come again.

Moshidi Makola

We saw plenty animals. Will definitely come again.

Moshidi Makola

It is extremely dry in the area at the moment and we did not see much game. Accommodation excellent and well kept.The office staff were disinterested and did not inform us of various water holes. When we pointed out that the garbage cans were full and baboons were climbing into them and pulling garbage around the viewing point, no one took responsibility for clearing the area. Only when the manager was approached was anything constructive done. The museum is well set out and interesting as is the tour to Mapungubwe itself. Cafe: wanted to charge R16 a cold drink can! R8.00 each if we did not drink it in the area.

Dr D Moore

This splendid park really is a national treasure. I first visited Mapungubwe with friends in April, and was blown away by the stark beauty of the baobab-dotted landscape, the mysteries surrounding the archaeological site, splendid bird life and bird watching, and the accommodation which was on the luxurious side of comfortable without losing the appeal of the bush. Going back in August was even more spectacular; our Jordan-based friend was especially intrigued by the dig and the museum, and we saw so much animal life - families of elephants and giraffe, banded mongoose as well as the more obvious buck and birds. Spent hours at Treetops, gazing over the river, and at the little museum which is beautifully designed and maintained. No complaints, many thanks.

Heather Acott

This was an unforgettable experience for us. Accommodation was very good, staff were very friendly, tour guides were knowledgable and professional. Museum and viewing points are well maintained and provide a good opportunity to get to know the area and its history. The roads are drivable (we had the use of a soft 4x4). Virtually no literature to take away. No souvenirs. Busload upon busload of visiting scholars were encouraging to see - did not have a sense of being pushed aside by them.The heritage site is very interesting. Had game right up against the hut - awesome. Highly recommended.

Heinz Geiger

We had a wonderful stay and enjoyed all the amenities. Our only disappointment was that we were hurried around the Interpretation Centre by a guide/guard who appeared to be anxious to go home!

Brettell Hone

lots of Klip springer which are not on your list.

Susan Prior