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Guest Reviews for Tatasberg Wilderness Restcamp (closed till further notice)

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

A great wilderness experience with just the right amount of comforts. The Reed cabins are well designed and constructed and all amenities functioning. Seth the caretaker was helpful but remained discrete so we weren't aware of his presence. It is odd having goats roaming around in a nature park.

Stuart Moir

Altogether a fabulous trip. There are many points, though, that need and should be made to forewarn travellers in the Richtersveld. The first and most important one is that your vehicle should have adequate ground clearance. There are a lot of high centre rock mounds on the tracks and my car (a Jeep Cherokee, hopeless clearance!) was not really enjoying the constant battering from under. Also some of the approach roads in and out of the Park are very corrugated and take their toll on the suspension. They should be graded, urgently. At times the track you are attempting to follow disappears and you need a compass. We lost the route a couple of times and, at 10kms/hr, fuel and time and wear is wasted. Obviously the remoteness is daunting - we travelled solo and saw very few other vehicles in three days. The Park is very well run and arrivals and departures are noted so you are never really threatened by the loneliness... The desert is visually staggering but one has to be alert for any signs of life. There are plenty but easily missed. Birds are aplenty that's for sure! I feel privileged to have experienced this area of SA, and have now driven to every corner of the country. Mission accomplished. Thank you!

Michael Leuw

All good except for communication radio that was at full volume the whole day. Person attending the camp -very friendly. Fridge did not work

Johan van Vuuren

We have just spent 2 nights at the beautiful Tatasberg Camp. You felt islolated yet at the same time at peace with the world. The chalets, are well furnished, with spectacular views of the Orange River both ways. When they said that we needed 4x4's and we would need 3-4 hours to get to Tatasberg from Sendelingsdrift, they were not joking! We never dreamed that the roads would be so challenging and thank goodness we had all been on a 4x4 course! We had a relaxing day walking up and down the river and cooked up a storm both nights. We got great pictures of the brave genets that visited us both nights but did not think it was fun when they raided our kitchen and overturn the rubbish bins during the night. I guess they had been fed by previous guests! When the caretaker said we could return to Sendelingsdrift via De Hoop we left feeling confident but when we turned left too early at the High Risk 4x4 route (mainly our fault, but you do not have the mileage on this route) I guess this should have warned us but 3 hours later, after building roads from rocks the Freelander and the Discovery stood up to the challenge. As scary as it was while we were having this adventure, we were thrilled in the end to have completed it! I would hate to think how and who would have got us out if we had had problems. We were thankful to have taken a satelite phone even though we did not need it! I really feel you should make your signs a little clearer and make sure that one knows that we are entering a High risk route!!However,this ended up as one of the many highlights of a 4 week holiday in Namibia and the Richtersveld and I would love to come back in the flower season

Linda Raaff